File Uploads
File Uploads
File Uploads

Easily collect and store file uploads online

Add the File Uploads field to any form to collect documents, files, photos, music, and more.

Quickly gather files

Use the File Uploads feature to accept resumes, cover letters, proposals, contracts, videos, photos, and more through your forms. Say goodbye to endless email attachments and skip extra steps by creating a streamlined, one-step process.

Streamline form attachments

Add File Uploads to any form. Helpful for student admissions, job applications, inspections, grant applications, website update requests, and more.

Collect Word documents, PDFs, GIFs, videos, images, music, and more through any online form.


We've built integrations for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Microsoft OneDrive. Send uploads directly to your storage account.


Easily access your file uploads from within your Formstack Forms account for easy file sourcing, organization, and access.


We offer secure file storage by default on all new accounts. Our storage is hosted by AWS, which instantly secures all files stored in your account.


Easily route submitted files to your favorite app. We offer 100+ integrations to make data storage and management quick and easy.


Quickly build powerful workflows that send file uploads to the necessary people for review and approval. No coding or tech experience needed.

How It Works

Start collecting file uploads through your forms in minutes

Step 1: To collect uploads, just drag and drop the File Upload field onto your form. Easily gather Word docs, PDFs, images, GIFs, music, and much more.

Step 2: You can customize the field name and limit the file types your form will accept in the left-hand menu. Under Settings, click Emails & Actions to receive uploads via email notifications.

Step 3: Connect your form to one of our cloud storage integrations to get extra storage space. Otherwise, your uploads will be stored in our secure database.

The amount of storage space you have for file uploads depends on the plan you're on. To learn more about File Uploads, please read this help article.

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